Welcome to Win4Youth 2022

Win4Youth, brought to you by the Adecco Group, is a wellbeing programme where you can easily track any wellbeing activity of your choice. The distance or time spent on the activity then gets converted into charity funding for Plan International, so you help others by helping yourself!

Simply track the time you spend doing any other activity. Every Activity counts! From intense marathon training and competitive swimming to meditative yoga and a walk around the block after dinner. Win4Youth is for you, regardless of your level of physical fitness and athletic comfort. You choose what’s right for you. The important thing is to get your body moving and your activities tracked.

If you’re an Adecco Group colleague, client, or associate, you can get involved today to contribute to our group goal.

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Total of hours done since January 1st 2022: 999701

We’ve made things as simple as possible by linking to popular services like Run Keeper and Strava. You can synchronise your minutes automatically by linking these services to our Win4Youth tracking system. It only takes a few simple steps to automate your tracking! To get set up, register or log-in and visit Tracking Apps under your account settings.

How Win4Youth works

You can clock up time individually, but it’s always more fun to take care of your wellbeing with colleagues, clients or associates. Jump on your bike, grab your yoga mat, or head out to play football with your team – through Win4Youth we’re creating a sporting community across 60 countries. We convert every minute to charity funding.

Your wellbeing achievements will bring us closer to our group goal of 1.3 million hours of wellbeing and donation to our charity partner, Plan International. Find out more about the inspiring projects we’re supporting at www.win4youth.com