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Welcome to Win4Youth 2017

Want to swim, run or cycle for a good cause? With like-minded and warm hearted people you could make a difference to young lives.

If you’re a colleague, client or associate of the Adecco Group we encourage you to get involved! It’s simple. Swim, cycle or run as little or as many kilometres as you like but the important thing is that you track them and we have a website to help you with this.

Join us! Sign up now and download the app for Android or iPhone


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To make your life really simple you can synchronise your KMs automatically. We’ve connected up the popular services of Strava and Runkeeper to our Win4Youth tracking system. You only need to follow a few simple steps to automate your tracking! To get set up, register or log in and visit Tracking Apps under your account settings.

How Win4Youth works

You can clock up your kilometres individually but deep down we really want to build an unrivalled team spirit with Win4Youth.

The collected kilometres will turn into a Group donation to foundations supporting disadvantaged youngsters, children and their families around the globe. Find all the information's about this amazing project on www.win4youth.com

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